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conference room 會議廳

notice board 佈告牌

rules of procedure 議事規則

timetable, schedule 日程表,時刻表

the sitting is open 會議開幕

appointment 任命 to appoint 任命,委派

speaker 報告人

to make a speech, to deliver a speech 做報告演講

to ask for the floor 要求發言 to give the floor to 同意...發言 (美:to recognize) to take the floor, to address the meeting 發言

proposal 建議

to table a proposal 提出建議

clarification 澄清

comment 評論

to second, to support 贊成

to adopt 通過

to oppose 反對

to raise an objection 提出異議

to move an amendment 提出修正案

ruling 裁決

to reject 拒絕,駁回

resolution 決議

to adjourn the meeting, to close the meeting 散會

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