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What seems to be the problem? / What's troubling you? 你哪裏不舒服?

Tell me how it got started. 告訴我怎麼回事。

How long have you been sick? 你病了多久?

Did they affect you in any other way?還有其他症狀嗎?

Did you have drug allergy? 對藥物有過敏嗎?

I am feeling terrible. 我感覺糟糕透了。

I have a sore throat. 我喉嚨痛。

I have a stomachache. 我胃痛

I have a headache. 我頭疼

I have a cough and get a high fever. 我咳嗽並發高燒。

I feel a little nauseated/vomiting. 我感覺有點噁心/嘔吐。

I had a running nose. 我老流鼻涕。

I got a temperature.我發高燒

I vomited several times yesterday. There was no diarrhea. 昨天吐了好幾次,沒有拉肚子。

Do/Be Patient! Don't worry. I will prescribe some medicine to you.別著急,沒什麼大問題,我先給你開點藥。

It doesn’t matter. It’s only a cold. You’d better stay in bed for a couple of days.沒關係。只是感冒了。你最好在家休息幾天。

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