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七夕情人節-Qixi Festival


又是一年一度的 #七夕情人節,我們來學學如何用英文介紹這個傳統的中國節慶吧


The Chinese Valentine's Day falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of lunar calendar is known as Qixi Festival or Qiqiao Festival. This is a romantic mythology about the cowherd(Niulang) and the weaver girl(Zhinü).


Zhinü is the seventh daughter of Jade emperor and Niulang is just a mortal on the earth. They ignored the disagreement of Jade emperor to love each other, get married and have two children. Then, the furious Jade emperor separated Niulang from Zhinü. Both Niulang and Zhinü were very sad that they were separated to the opposite sides of the milky way. In the end, the magpies were touched by their love so formed them a bridge to meet each other once a year on 7th day of 7th lunar month.

★常見民俗活動 Folk festival activities:

乞巧 Pleading skills:To "plead skills" is to thread into a seven-holes needle speedily under moonlight. The one who threads the fastest is said to be handy and skillful in the future.

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拜織女 Worshiping the weaver fairy:The offerings to worship the weaver fairy are tea, wine, fruits and five kinds of nuts (longans, jujubes, hazelnuts, peanuts and melon seeds). Women sat around the table while meditating on what are on their minds. Also, they played games or read poems until midnight.

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吃巧果 Eating "skill Fruit"(Qiaoguo):Qiaoguo is a kind of fried and thin pastries made with oil, sugar, flour and honey.

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Have you experienced the traditional customs about Qixi Festival? Which one is the most interesting for you? Welcome to share with us on the comment!




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