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Qpapa窩在沙發學英文:1/2的魔法 - Onward經典語錄


《1/2 的魔法》(Onward),2020年皮克斯與迪士尼最新上映電影,故事敘述一對精靈兄弟們,從小便失去了父親,但在弟弟16歲生日這天,收到了一個很特別的禮物,可以讓爸爸起死回生,運用魔法讓已逝的父親復活,但因現今過度依賴科技,忘了自己本能,年久失修的魔法技能出了差錯,只復活了父親的下半身,因此踏上冒險旅程,找回完整的父親。

Onward 上映時不巧地遇上肺炎疫情,但仍不影響這部動畫給予的感動與撫慰人心,把看似平凡簡單的傷痛,細膩烙印在角色間的真實回憶,現在就跟著Qpapa回顧Onward的經典語錄吧~

1、「I lost my father when I was young, but I don't feel sad at all, because I don't remember him at all!」 「That's where the real sadness is.」



2、Only by regaining confidence in yourself will you not fall into the bottomless abyss.


3、Some people may be gone from your life, but what they left behind will last forever.


4、The magic is potential, it's what happens when you try something the hard way, and you are surprised that you are able to do it.


5、Balance of finding convenience and challenging yourself.


6、Talk to that person who went above and beyond for you.


7、You don’t have to be busy mourning what you have lost, but you should cherish what you have

你不用忙著哀悼那些你已經失去的, 反而更應該要珍惜眼前所擁有的



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