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Last year's covid-19 changed the lifestyles, learning styles and Consumption patterns of people all over the world. Therefore, electronic payment methods also frequently appear in our lives. From feeling convenient and wanting to try and see at first, to protecting yourself from covid-19. Let Qpapa take you to see the rapid development in currency today!


Gold is still regarded as the" standard currency" until now. Gold plays an important role in the financial storage of countries. On the one hand, it is for the protection of the domestic exchange rate, on the other hand, it is to hedge against losses caused by the depreciation of the US dollar. And in the market liquidity, gold still has extensive demand and is still regarded as a way to store wealth.


The earliest banknotes were based on gold, and it was freely convertible with gold, and both could circulate at the same time, and the circulation of banknote was relatively small. By the end of the 19th century, The unprecedented expansion and development of the capitalist economy, so banknote gradually became the main currency in circulation, but they still had gold as a guarantee of issuance. This currency system is called the "gold standard."


After the 1930s, the currencies used by countries cannot be exchanged for the same value of gold or silver.Instead, the government will print banknotes or mint coins through national authority and credit. Since then, the era of credit currency has begun.

中央銀行財政委員會,第 15 次全體委員會議提到,為逐步完善國內電子支付清算體系,本行自民國 84年(西元1995年)起持續推動支付系統革新計畫。因此目前我們之所以可以方便的使用行動支付或電子支付,都出自於我國中央銀行的貢獻。

Central Bank of the Republic of China Finance Committee, the 15th committee meeting mentioned that in order to gradually improve the domestic electronic payment and settlement system, the bank has continued to promote the payment system innovation plan since the 84th year of Republic Era (1995).Therefore, the reason why we can conveniently use mobile payment or electronic payment at present comes from the contribution of my country's central bank.


從古至今,人類的生活不斷的演進。在教育的部分亦是如此。教育是一切的根本,也是社會進步與發展的原動力,更是提振國 家競爭力的重要基石。從古人的私塾,到現代的學校,學校從實體變為虛擬的線上課程。這都是因為人類都有一顆希望自己更好且生活能更加便利的心,所以我們才不斷的精進,不斷的創新,發展到現在的階段。

Since ancient times, human life has continuously evolved. The same goes for education. Education is the foundation of everything, the driving force for social progress and development, and an important cornerstone for boosting national competitiveness. From ancient private schools to modern schools, schools have changed from physical to virtual online courses. This is all because human beings have a heart that hopes that they can have a better life and life can be more convenient, so we continue to diligently, innovate, and continue to develop to the present stage.






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