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1. The bus driver often complains about chewing gum found under passenger seats because it is ____ and very hard to remove.

(A) sticky黏的

(B) greasy油膩的

(C) clumsy笨拙的

(D) mighty強大的、偉大的

2. Jesse is a talented model. He can easily adopt an elegant ____ for a camera shoot.

(A) clap鼓掌

(B) toss拋、使上下搖動

(C) pose姿勢

(D) snap猛咬、拉斷

3. In order to draw her family tree, Mary tried to trace her ____ back to their arrival in North America.

(A) siblings手足

(B) commuters通勤者

(C) ancestors祖先

(D) instructors講師

4. Upon the super typhoon warning, Nancy rushed to the supermarket—only to find the shelves almost ____ and the stock nearly gone.

(A) blank空白的

(B) bare空的、裸的

(C) hollow中空的、凹陷的

(D) queer古怪的

5. Even though Jack said "Sorry!" to me in person, I did not feel any ____ in his apology.

(A) liability責任、義務

(B) generosity慷慨

(C) integrity正直

(D) sincerity真誠

6. My grandfather has astonishing powers of ____ .He can still vividly describe his first day at school as a child.

(A) resolve解決

(B) fraction片段

(C) privilege特權

(D) recall回憶

7. Recent research has found lots of evidence to ____ the drug company's claims about its "miracle" tablets for curing cancer.

(A) provoke挑釁

(B) counter櫃檯

(C) expose暴露、揭發

(D) convert轉變

8. Corrupt officials and misguided policies have ____ the country's economy and burdened its people with enormous foreign debts.

(A) crippled癱瘓

(B) accelerated加速

(C) rendered提供

(D) ventured冒險

9. As a record number of fans showed up for the baseball final, the highways around the stadium were ____ with traffic all day.

(A) choked堵塞

(B) disturbed心神不寧的

(C) enclosed封鎖

(D) injected注射

10. Studies show that the ____ unbiased media are in fact often deeply influenced by political ideology.


(B) roughly約略地

(C) understandably可以理解地

(D) supposedly根據推測



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