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1. 冠狀病毒是種寄生在動物身上並利用動物們作為宿主的寄生病毒。

Coronaviruses are the parasitic viruses which live on the animals and use them as cardiac host.


Coronaviruses are zoonotic diseases which can be transmitted between animals and humans.

3. 新型冠狀病毒是一種傷人元氣的疾病,造成上呼吸道感染、頭痛、發燒、肌肉痠痛、非常疲倦、噁心、嘔吐、腹瀉,以及嚴重脫水。

The novel coronavirus is a debilitating illness causing upper respiratory tract infection, headaches, fevers, sore muscle, extreme tiredness , nausea, vomiting,diarrhea, and severe dehydration.

4. 中國因它處理疾病爆發的方式受到國際強烈嚴厲的批評。

China has received immense international fierce criticisms for its handling of the outbreak.


The vinus remain dormant and last up to 14 days, which is almost undetectable sometimes asymptomatic.

6. 有些人被驗出呈現感染陽性反應

Some people were tested positive for the infection.

7. 凡是被感染的人應該被檢疫隔離/隔離/在家不得外出/居家隔離/自我隔離。

Those infected should (be kept in quarantine/ isolation) /(be confined to home.)/(be quarantined at home.)/( self-quarantine.)


Hotels and tourist attractions have reported plummeting falling steeply bookings, and airlines also suffered a double-digit decline.


The virus outbreak cast a shadow over the global economy. We are working through the ramifications, of this unprecedented situation.

10. 員工被要求在家工作或休無薪假。

Staffers / Employees were asked to telework or take unpaid leave.

11. 許多音樂節和大規模公開集會都因為冠狀病毐恐慌的關係而被取消/被延期/被縮減規模/被暫停。

Many music festivals and large-scale public gatherings have been (cancelled/called off)/(postponed off/put off/(scaled down/ suspended) due to coronavirus fears.



  • parasite 寄生蟲

  • coronary 冠狀的

  • cardiac 心臟的

  • plague 瘟疫

  • scathing 嚴厲的

  • vehement 猛烈的

  • incubation 潛伏期

  • swabbed 取樣

  • repercussions 後果(負面的)

  • aftermath 後果


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