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Moon Festival Activities中秋活動樂趣多

The Mid-Autumn #Festival which is an important #harvest #celebration on August 15th of the lunar calendar, also known as #Moon Festival or #Mooncake Festival .

#農曆八月十五日 #中秋節 是個重要的節慶,又可以稱做Moon Festival或是Mooncake Festival。


1. Eating Mooncakes 吃月餅

Eating mooncakes is the most representative traditional activity during Mid-autumn Festival. It is the traditional pastry and also the must-eat Mid-Autumn food. The round mooncakes symbolize reunion and happiness.


2. Appreciating the Moon 賞月

In Chinese beliefs, the full moon is the symbol for a family reunion. Many famous ancient poets wrote poems about the moon and expressed their homesickness. When people look at the moon, it reminds them of their families and hometown.


3. Having Fun with Pomelo 好吃好玩的柚子

The pomelo is called Chinese grapefruit. It tastes sweet. The most popular product is the pomelo jam. People can make the pomelo tea with the pomelo jam and hot water, or put the pomelo jam on beards. The rind of pomelo can be made a hat, lantern or other handmade crafts. The pronunciation of pomelo in Chinese is similar as prayer for son. So people eat this fruit as a sign for prayer for their children.


4. Have a BBQ 烤肉

Although barbequing with friends or family is not a traditional activity of Moon Festival, it is very popular in Taiwan because of a successful barbeque sauce advertisement. In the beginning, people usually prepared ingredients and the barbeque tools to have a BBQ outside, such as courtyard and balcony. Nowadays, most people prefer to enjoy BBQ in the restaurant with air conditioning since they don't need to prepare everything in advance or clean it after eating.







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