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Qpapa愛分享:父親節Father's Day


The annual Father’s Day is coming soon. Have you said “Happy Father’s Day” to your dad?


Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers contribute to the lives of their children. Father's Day dates also actually vary from one country to another. Some countries celebrate the occasion on the third Sunday in June. However, Taiwan celebrates Father's Day on August 8th because the date 8/8(baba) is a homonym in Mandarin for dad(baba).


Due to the eight-year Second Sino-Japanese War, many soldiers have died in the war, and many of them have become fathers. Because the soldiers sacrificed their lives for the country, many families lost their fathers. In order to memorize these people, the "August 8th" as Father's Day.


There is no standard for the celebration of Father’s Day. It is a common practice to gift dad something that he likes or is useful for him. Some people take their dad out for a meal while others plan day outings with him. What will you do to appreciate your dad on Father’s Day?


✸ 相關英文

• 全世界 worldwide

• 慶祝 celebrate

• 貢獻 contribute

• 場合 occasion

• 軍人 soldier

• 犧牲 sacrifice




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