​• ask directions 問路
• get to 到達
• far 遠的
• how far 多遠
• international airport 國際機場
• shuttle bus 機場巴士
• keep going straight 一直往前走
• look forward to 期待
• lost one’s way 迷路
• opposite direction 相反的方向
• turn left 左轉
• traffic light 紅綠燈
• landmark 地標
• next to 在…旁邊
• how long 多久
• on foot 步行 1.Excuse me, Is there a restaurant near by? 不好意思,請問附近有沒有餐廳? 2.Is there a change bureau near by? 請問附近有沒有外幣兌換處? 3.Which bus should I take? 我要坐哪一路公車? 4. How do I get to the train(bus)station? 請問如何前往火車(公車)站?
5. How do I get to the airport? 請問如何前往機場? 6.How far is the Kennedy International Airport from here? 甘迺迪國際機場離這裡有多遠? 7.Could you please tell me the way to the subway (underground)station? 請問地鐵車站怎麼走?
8. Could you tell me how to get to your hotel? 你能告訴我如何到達你們的飯店嗎?


• 表格 Forms • 適當 Proper • 商務旅行 Business trip • 錢/貨幣 Currency • 工作 Occupation • 證照查驗 Document inspection • 移民 Immigrants • 移民署 Immigration OFFICER: Where are you going? 你要去哪裡? Bonnie: I'm going to United Kingdom. 我要去英國。 OFFICER: May I see your passport please? 我可以看一下你的護照嗎?
Bonnie:Here is my passport. And this is the declaration form. 這是我的護照,這是入境申請表。

OFFICER: What is the purpose of your visit to the Kingdom? 你到英國的目的是什麼?
Bonnie: I’m here for business trip. 我是來這裡商務旅行的。 OFFICER:How long will you be staying in United Kingdom? 你會待在英國多久時間? Bonnie:I'm here for a month. 我會在這待一個月。 OFFICER:Have you been here before? 你之前有來過這裡嗎? Bonnie:Yes, I visited here 2 years ago, I went to London visited my friend.有,我兩年前有來過美國,我去倫敦找過我的朋友 OFFICER:How much currency/cash are you carrying with you? 你身上攜帶多少現金? Bonnie:About 1500 USD. 大約1500美金(請據實申報,各國對可攜帶現金標準都不一樣) • endorsements/restrictions 飛機票 (指限定條件)
• name of passenger 旅客姓名  
• good for passage between 旅行經停地點
• ticket confirm 機票確認   •departure time 起飛時間   
•delayed 延誤     
•boarding 登機 •transit 過境     
•scheduled time (SCHED) 預計時間       
•ticket office 購票處  •smoking seat 吸煙坐位 •check-in 登機手續辦理
•boarding pass (card) 登機牌    
• passport control immigration 護照檢查處


1.I want a restaurant with reasonable prices. 我想去一家價位合理的餐廳。 2.I'd like to have some local food. 我想嘗試一下當地食物。 3.Is there a Chinese restaurant around here? 這附近是否有中國餐廳? 4.Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here? 能不能推薦附近口碑不錯的餐廳? 1.May I order, please? 我可以點餐了嗎? 2.What is the specialty of the house? 餐廳最特別的菜是什麼? 3.Do you have today's special? 請問有今日特餐嗎? 4.Can I have a few more minutes? 我可以多要幾分鐘在點餐嗎? 5.Do you have vegetarian dishes? 餐廳是否有供應素食餐? 6.How do you like your steak? 你的牛排要如何烹調? 7.Well done (medium/rare) ,please. 全熟(五分熟/全生)。 8.Would you like something to drink? 請問要喝點甚麼嗎? 9.Can I have a glass of apple juice, please? 我可以要一杯蘋果汁嗎?


1.We’d like to check in please. 你好,我們想要登記入宿。 2.We have a reservation under the name of Nick Lin. 我們有用林尼克的名義訂房。 3.We have a booking for a double room for one week. 我們預定了一個禮拜的雙人房。 4.Could you keep our luggage until we can check in? 能幫我們保管行李到我們能入住的時候嗎? 5.When do you start serving breakfast tomorrow morning? 請問早上幾點開始提供早餐? 6.Can I have a card with the hotel’s address? 可以給我一張有旅館住址的名片嗎? 7.Thank you for your excellent service. Here is your trip, please. 謝謝你熱情周到的服務,這是給你的小費。